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Interests categories serve as a broad filtering mechanism within the application. Unlike the exact specificity of triggers within your trigger list, alerts issued under a given Interests category to which you select (subscribe) will be received regardless of the headline or body content. These predefined categories are externally created and accessed via the Interests form/tab as shown.

To make changes to the default set of interest categories, simply click on the Edit Interests button. Next select a predefined category on the left side or right side of the form to either activate or deactivate a particular interest category, respectively. Categories you are NOT interested in are displayed on the left side of the form, whereas Categories you ARE interested in receiving alerts on are located on the right side of the form.

Over time, as new Interests categories become available, you will be notified of their availability via a popup information box similar to that as shown.

All newly defined and available categories will automatically be added to your unsubscribed list, Categories you are NOT interested in list (on the left side of the form).

To subscribe to the new category, you must revisit the Interests tab and move the new category into the Categories you ARE interested in list (on the right side of the form).

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