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HELP - Alerts (Dialog Form/Menu Item)
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When an alert message is delivered to your computer, it will result in either a Popup Alert window, or be displayed in the Mini Slider and/or Ticker window, or be delivered directly to your Alert Message List.

In general, Popup Alerts will not be generated under the following conditions:
  • You have suppressed popup alerts within the Settings tab, or

  • You have temporarily disabled Popup Alerts (controlled via the menu entry, Disable Popups), or

  • You are temporarily logged out or inactive

There are a number of ways to access your Alert Message List. Alert messages can be viewed via the Mini Slider or Ticker windows; accessed directly via the corresponding menu entries (Last Alert, n to Last Alert, etc.); or, viewed via the Alerts tab by simply clicking on the system tray icon for a connected application or selecting the Alerts menu entry. The latter two modes of access will present the Alerts dialog form as shown.

The Alert tab contains up to the last twenty-four alerts, displayed four at a time, ordered from most-to-least recent.
Alert types (News and Weather), their associated Priority (color coded), containing Alert Content (images, video, and audio) are denoted by the left most icons for each alert.

Please refer to the Alert Information legend in this window to correlate these visual indicators for a given alert.

Previously viewed alerts are displayed in normal text, whereas yet-to-be-viewed alerts appear as bolded text. Clicking on View Alert will display the alert in the popup window and change the text from bold to unbolded.

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