Twitter Bot—Beta
Get weather conditions and forecasts from AccuWx Twitter bot!
AccuWeather gives you two easy ways to get weather—our forecast tweets, and our new AccuWx Twitter Bot. This bot allows you to message AccuWx for the weather information you want, and you'll get a response within three minutes.
Message any of these commands to AccuWx, or combine commands for more detailed weather information.
Get current conditions for your current Twitter location
current location
Get current conditions for a specific location
(City, State)
(Zip Code)
(City, Country)
Get your forecast in celsius (default Fahrenheit)
Get tonight's forecast for the selected location
Get the forecast for a specific day of the week for the selected location
Get the forecast for the coming weekend for the selected location
Get the three or five-day forecast for the selected location
3 day forecast
5 day forecast
Specify the return type of your message
These commands can be used in combination, but only one location or timeframe (tonight, specific day, weekend, 3/5 day) may be designated.