How AccuWeather's Superior Accuracy has revolutionized farming in an Indian village

By By Aimee Morgan, AccuWeather Staff Writer
August 04, 2016, 4:47:04 AM EDT

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Saket Bhattad has been involved with social activities as long as he can remember. As the creator for the “Gram Art Project,” Bhattad works with children in the village of Paradsinga, India.

“Since its start, we have been organizing various activities and inviting resourceful people who might be able to change the lives of villagers in Paradsinga,” Bhattad said.

Paradsinga, a remote village, has a population of nearly 4,000 people. Farming is the main source of income for the community.


With monsoon season in full swing and sowing season on the horizon, farmers in Indian villages were very concerned with the weather’s impact on their crops every day.

Having to deal with limited resources to access weather forecasts in certain villages, the Gram Art Project sought a solution by providing AccuWeather forecasts to farmers each day on a black board in the central market area.

“The news spread like wildfire,” he said.

“AccuWeather has helped us change the lives of farmers here in such a way that is most important to them, as it’s their livelihood,” Bhattad said.

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According to Bhattad, a drought, flood or hailstorm--any of these extreme weather conditions--occur, and the whole crop of any area would die out.

Utilizing accurate weather forecasts from AccuWeather helped to add certainty into farmers’ lives, which can be filled with uncertainty, according to Bhattad.

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The blackboard was updated each morning with messages on the forecast for the day from AccuWeather. This time of year was crucial to farming production and with AccuWeather, farmers are able to save loss of crops, prevent damage to newly sown seeds and save on labor costs too.

“At the start, they were astonished to see the accuracy of weather prediction of AccuWeather, then the kids started sharing this information with their parents,” Bhattad said.

Bhattad says AccuWeather predicted rain after a couple of days and the farmers were able to sow their seeds accordingly.

“This is the way we are thinking of revolutionizing farming in India. With utmost humbleness, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing website,” Bhattad said.

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