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Garden Helpers and Events

By travel
May 18, 2010, 9:32:36 AM EDT

New Products and Events I get a lot of information sent in to me to process…some of it goes on my website and some of it goes here. I hope you will check out both to be in the know! I also have another site that is devoted to garden tours…visit to see what I have in store for 2011 as all my 2010 tours are fully booked. This week I have some new products to share with you.

New products to watch out for from


- Cook in style with a complete gourmet herb garden by Seracon/Eco-culture. Gardens available in Italia, England, France, Thai, Rainforest and Tex-Mex - Also from Seracon/Eco-culture, provide shade and beauty to your landscape with Plant-a-Tree Kits. Kits available in Vineyard Grapes, Roselow, Balsam Fir, Seaberry, Honey Locust, Tropical Trees and more. - Edamame Gardening Kit, Edible Flowers Gardening Kit, Mini Sunflowers Gardening Kit, and Heirloom Tomato Gardening Kit from Shop Green Village - Design your own birdhouse and naturally grow your own bird feed by Greenbird House - Add the soothing sound of wind chimes made from clusters of shells to your patio, garden or interior setting--handmade in a fair-trade workshop in Bali

BoonDog'L is a hand-held blade sharpener. It handles mower blades, hoes, hedge trimmers, shovels, spades, shears of all sizes, trowels, hatchets, and even machetes. Shipping to Canada is available.


Dig It!


The first working glove to "pamper" your manicure. Designed to work hard while protecting your nails from dirt and moisture. Perfect for planting, weeding or any DIY project. Dig It(TM) Handwear allows you to tackle tough jobs without sacrificing style, comfort or your manicure! Check the eyewear out too!

Liquid Fence


The #1-selling Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellents are now labeled to be used on edible crops! Long-lasting and rain-resistant, both repellents dry with virtually no odor or residue. As of March 2010 all Deer & Rabbit and Dual Action Rabbit Repellents manufactured will sport the new "For use on edible crops" labeling. Visit for more information on all Liquid Fence products.

Grow and Go Together There is a new iPhone app that national gardening and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith and Bonnie Plants launched this week. The Grow and Go Together app is a how-to app on growing herbs and vegetables and includes delicious recipes so you can use your bountiful harvest. Content includes descriptions on 50 herbs and veggies and planting tips from Bonnie Plants and dozens of recipes and container combo ideas from P. Allen Smith and Gardeners should find this app really handy when they are at the garden center or grocery store! Here are some of the app features: Growing information for 50 vegetables and herbs, 50 recipes, Option to sort plants by season so you will know what to plant in your spring, summer and fall garden, Vegetable garden projects such as compost bins and cold frames and Vegetable and herb container-garden combos.You can find the multimedia release (with screen shots and video demo) here:

The Simple Garden Provides everything you need to begin growing your own herbs or vegetables…just add water. The unique planter design and planting system provide a welcome simplicity to our favorite hobby…gardening.

LiteStik The LiteStik is designed to provide supplemental light to any indoor plant. You can now place beautiful plants in areas that once were off limits, thus adding to the decor of your home. Plants that once struggled for sunlight now have an attractive solution.

WaterStik The WaterStik tells you precisely when to water your plants. It is designed to measure the moisture in any soil type. Using an easy-to-read LED indicator, the WaterStik tells you when you have under or over watered any plant.

Aqualok(TM) Move over Sponge Bob! Star Trek fiction has come down to earth with a space age self-watering system for plants that holds water like a super sponge and makes growing your favorite flowering plants or ferns easy! Aqualok™ from Costa Farms, is a high-tech foam that lines the inside of hanging baskets and holds water and oxygen and releases it when needed - allowing more time to relax and enjoy life. Even when plants are fully saturated, Aqualok retains air pockets so plant roots can "breathe." No more drowning them with love or neglecting them with good intentions.

Actinovate A new organic fungicide called Actinovate contains a patented beneficial microorganism (Streptomyces lydicus) that attacks late blight and other fungal diseases such as root rot and powdery mildew on tomatos. Once Actinovate powder is mixed with water, the solution can be used as a soil drench or a foliar spray every two to four weeks throughout the growing season to suppress late blight and other fungal diseases. A two-ounce package of Actinovate makes enough solution to treat more than 500 plants. Actinovate is available at independent garden centers and online at

The new Organic Mechanics Planting Mix is like having all the goodness of compost in a bag.


At planting time, just mix in the nutrient-rich planting mix to revitalize your garden soil. It helps retain moisture and accelerates root-zone establishment for healthier trees, shrubs, fruits, veggies and flowers. Get it this spring in Mid-Atlantic garden centers and Whole Foods stores

Ladder's Little Helper


A new device called Ladder’s Little Helper is taking the risk out of home improvement projects requiring the use of a ladder with patented technology. Ladder’s Little Helper wraps around the lip of a gutter to provide a stable base to lean a ladder against. Rippled rubber on the underside and face of the device provides grip on both the gutter and ladder, while the raised sides prevent sideways movement.

Events to Know About


-Denver Urban Gardens is celebrating 25 years of growing community- one urban garden at time. Join us for Nourish & Flourish on May 20th! Join DUG in celebrating 25 years of growing community- one urban garden at a time. This event will feature cocktails, dinner, and brief screening of a new documentary, Seeding Communities, directed by Coleen Hubbard and Larry Bograd, and produced by Roudtable Media, on the importance of community gardens. Come learn how DUG nourishes community! -On May 18-25, is 75th Anniversary of the German Rhododendron Society, taking place in Bremen.

-Bok Tower Gardens will host a painting workshop and special celebration of the arts that includes student performances and art exhibits on display through June 2. On display now through May 27, the “Faces, Events & Places” art exhibit by Owen Jolly and “Fertile Ground” sculpture exhibit by William Kidd is underwritten in part by Andy Thornal Company. Viewing the exhibits in the Visitor Center from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. is included with general admission or membership. Bok Tower Gardens will present a special book signing event on May 22 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. featuring “Finding Yourself: A Spiritual Journey Through a Florida Garden” written by Bill Maxwell with photographs by John Moran. The signing is free with general admission and to members. The book will be available for purchase as well as matted prints of Moran’s photography. Visit

-Timeless Landscape Design May 27-29, 2010 Book signing & Lecture, Herb Society of America National Meeting, Nashville, TN

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