How AccuWeather's Superior Accuracy improves safety for students and fans at Tulane University

By By Aimee Morgan, AccuWeather Staff Writer
October 15, 2016, 4:43:22 AM EDT

After utilizing AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions (AES) commercial weather services in 2014, emergency personnel at Tulane University have relied on AccuWeather ever since in order to keep students and fans safe.

Norris Yarbrough, assistant vice president for the Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response at Tulane said he has found AES to be, “an indispensable partner in helping provide the best possible weather safety and security to our university family.”

Tulane’s main campus is located in New Orleans, an area known for high-impact weather. With additional campuses in Mississippi and Texas, officials have a large area to monitor.

“You can imagine how active and challenging our weather can be in these southern and coastal areas, which in turn makes monitoring the weather a crucial part of the daily planning for the university,” Yarbrough said.


He explained a large portion of his daily responsibilities includes planning and keeping up on weather impacts.

Through the custom-designed monitoring and reporting tools provided by AES, Yarbrough is able to provide his executive team daily analysis of potential weather problems that may impact school functions and events.

“We also work very closely with AES in managing our athletic events. Prior to each home game kickoff, I consult with an AES meteorologist to provide the coaches and officials with up-to-the-minute game weather situation,” he said.

AES provided critical weather intel on Hurricane Matthew to Yarbrough's department last week, who then passed it onto Tulane's athletic director to make a final decision about the week's football game.

“This ultimately led to the postponement of our football game with UCF in Orlando. This occurred well in advance of our team traveling, allowing them the time to find a suitable reschedule date for playing the game," Yarbrough said.

Yarbrough and his team utilize SkyGuard local severe weather alerts with customized lightning monitoring as well as real-time conversations with an AES meteorologist. From there, the incident command team determines when lightning or other adverse weather requires notifying the officials to suspend play.

Yarbrough said they also appreciate the global weather assistance AES provides Tulane University.

He explains that Tulane has a very active international program with students, faculty and researchers traveling across the globe.

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“Once again, Tulane's Emergency Preparedness and Response Division partners with and depends on AES to monitor weather abroad allowing us to make informed travel recommendations to our "globe trotting" team members,” Yarbrough said.

“A recent incident comes to mind with Hurricane Matthew where we had faculty in Haiti as the storm approached and were able to assure they remained safe,” Yarbrough said.

According to Yarbrough, Tulane University's Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response has found AES to be an indispensable partner in helping provide the best possible weather safety and security to their university family.

“We have frequently called on them with 'out of the box' questions and they have never failed to come forward with solid recommendations and solutions," he said.

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