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Historic Hurricane Lane's Greatest Hits

By Jesse Ferrell
8/29/2018, 3:10:03 PM

UPDATE 8/26/2018: Here are the stats from once-Category 5 Hurricane Lane. It is still raining in some areas. NOTE: All times in this text are in Eastern.

WIND GUSTS: (Over 60 mph)

Buoy 51002: 107 mph
Oahu Forest, HI: 74 mph*
Kohala Ranch, HI: 68 mph
Lahaina, HI: 68 mph
Kawaihae, HI: 64 mph

Wind Gusts from Lane

*This reading is an outlier but the data looks good and the station is way up at around 2,300 feet.

As I predicted, Hurricane Lane was not "the Hurricane Maria for Hawaii," which some on Social Media claimed before the storm hit. Although they were both Category 5 storms, Lane's track, speed, and water temperature weakened him to the point that his winds (even most gusts) were below hurricane force on every island. The rain (see below) turned out to be the major problem.


Local storm spotters issued a total of 35 Local Storm Reports including 19 flood and 16 wind damage reports and 18 Flood Warnings, but no severe thunderstorm or tornado warnings.

Observations from Hawaii Mountain


The only significant waves I could find were reported from Buoy 51002, at 32 feet.

Lane 51002 Wave Graph


The only super-low pressure report I could find was also from Buoy 51002, at 28.25" Hg.

Buoy #51002 Plot


The NWS has released their official list of totals, which contains some stations not available online. This lists Mountain View, Hawaii with 51.53" which they say is the 3rd highest rainfall total in the U.S. This was just over AccuWeather's Local StormMax amount of 50 inches which I was instrumental in getting the company to commit to, after seeing similar model forecasts.

NWS Rainfall List for Hurricane Lane

NWS (8/22 12PM - 8/26 2PM):

Mountain View: 51.53"
Waiakea Uka: 49.10"
Piihonua: 47.48"
Saddle Quarry: 47.20"
Waiakea: 43.99"
Pahoa: 37.68"

copy-shark-attacks (1).jpg

The NWS also issued this radar/gauge estimate map at 10 PM:

Hurricane Lane Rainfall

My unofficial list of rainfall totals of online stations is shown below. Note that these are all measured for different time frames. As it rains almost every day at some of the hardest-hit locations year-round, it's hard to say when the totals should start or stop. This map covers midnight 8/23 to 10 am 8/26:

NWS Hurricane Lane Map (Small)

USGS (8/23 10 AM - 8/26 10 AM):

Saddle Quarry, HI: 48.33"
Wailuaiki, HI: 25.39"

CoCoRAHs 8/23-8/25 ONLY:

Hilo SW, HI: 39.31"
Papaikou: 35.91"
Kurtistown, HI: 33.85"
Honokaa, HI: 31.16"
Paauilo, HI: 26.96"

NOAA WRH (08/23 12 AM - 8/26 10 AM ET):

Waiakea: 39.04"
Hakalau: 38.66"
Hilo: 33.43"
Honokaa: 20.51"
Pahoa: 34.41"
Mauna Loa: 22.20"
Pahala: 21.95"
Kapapala: 21.32"


Hana (Maui): 23.64"
Hanalei (Kauai): 16.88" (USGS)
Puu Kukui (Maui): 16.30" (USGS)


Wildlife Refuge (Oahu): 5.08"
Puu Alii (Molokai): 4.69"



Lane All Three

UPDATE 8/25/2018: Hurricane Lane is no longer a major storm, but could still cause flooding across the islands this weekend. Here are the 3-day (72-hour) stats from the storm:

[Stats in Original Tweet Out of Date, See Above]

ORIGINAL BLOG 8/24/2018:

Hurricane Lane is moving through the Hawaiian islands today, and has already dropped three feet of rain on the Big Island. Below are the latest SnapChat Map snaps, and you can get the latest information on the storm from my Twitter feed, embedded below that.

[Out of Date, See Links Above]

Other random information related to Hawaii Hurricanes:

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