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    Explaining Climate Change to Your Kids Using Cookies and Jell-O

    By By Moms Clean Air Force
    July 15, 2013, 5:28:19 AM EDT

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    My preschoolers ask a lot of questions. Parents know that their children’s curiosities come in the form of relentless questions. On a recent trip to Lake Erie to visit the beach where I’ve spent many childhood summers, the questions started as soon as we got on the highway when my four year old noticed the exhaust coming from the large truck in front of us. As I answered one question about exhaust and the air we breathe, another question quickly followed, until I needed to explain why it’s getting hotter and hotter. Honestly, I hadn’t thought I’d need to explain climate change to my child yet.


    Cookies And Climate Change

    When you are explaining things to young children, it’s often helpful to use books and tactile examples. Food experiments work well. Global Warming is literally the heating up of our Earth, and how else to show your little ones how this happens, but to bake cookies? When you bake a batch of cookies and watch them through the oven window, the cookie dough heats up and as the ingredients melt and change composition, the cookies rise. When you take the cookies out of the oven, the temperature cools and the cookie falls and cracks. Children can understand that when the Earth heats up, the ingredients of the Earth change — polar icecaps melt and lakes dry up. Instead of getting a delicious plate full of cookies, you wind up with a damaged ecosystem.

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