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The Grinch Came Yesterday...

12/27/2010, 7:01:56 AM

3:15 a.m. Friday:

Don't forget about the fan page on Facebook. The format is the same deal as yesterday, video, forecast map, bowl picks.

Merry Christmas!!! Also many thanks to those who are working over the holiday. Some jobs are 24-7, like mine and that of... say, a soldier or policeman, or fireman. Thanks to those who have to give up some of their family time to cover a need.


Bowl Picks:

Little Caesars Pizza, Detroit, Mich., Sunday 8 p.m., Florida International versus Toledo

I'm just not impressed with the Rockets. They have eight wins, but none over solid teams. All the games they won were over weak teams, and most of the wins were close. This sounds like a team that's more lucky than good. FIU, on the other hand, beat another bowl team (Troy) and was close in games with other major programs. So, I am calling for FIU to win this one, and for it to not be particularly close: 34-17.

As for the weather, look for clouds and flurries... maybe enough snow to cover the ground... on Sunday, with a high near 30. Hey, that's about what it was for our intramural touch football game yesterday here in State College (we call it AccuBowl)... but the wind was gusting over 30 mph and we weren't playing indoors.

AdvoCare Independence, Shreveport, La., Monday 5 p.m., Georgia Tech vs. Air Force Who'd Georgia Tech beat this year? Not really anybody. And, they are in the ACC. How about Air Force? Well, they beat Navy, who is in a bowl, and BYU, who won theirs. They were close with other bowl teams, Utah and Oklahoma. The Falcons will be dropping bombs all over the Yellow Jackets. It may be overkill, but I don't think this one will be particularly close, either. I am standing at attention and saluting the USAFA on this one, 35-20.

Weather should be easy with the storm departing the Carolinas and Virginia on Sunday; high pressure will cover the Arklatex. However, it's one of those glancing blows of arctic air. So, although it will be sunny, look for only 43 for a high with wind chills in the 30s. That weather won't favor anyone, not enough wind to affect any passing attacks, and both teams have had time to practice in chilly weather. In fact, it's been rather mild in Colorado Springs this month, and colder than usual in Atlanta. Dig this: Atlanta's average temperature this December so far has been 38.1 degrees, while Colorado Springs has averaged 36.7. So, Atlanta hasn't been all that much warmer. The average high is 11 degrees colder in Colorado Springs, so that's a significant statistic.

More bowl picks when I return Monday. I hope I don't forget to do them, because there are two games on Tuesday. Yeah, I know I said I would give you two days notice. Give me a break here, it's 3:15 a.m. on Christmas Eve. Maybe I'll post them on the Facebook fan page on Sunday evening, time permitting. See y'all Monday.

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