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    Summer WIll Return in August

    7/31/2014, 8:22:20 AM

    Thursday, 11:55 a.m.

    Many are commenting on the complete lack of summer weather right now from the eastern Rockies to the East Coast, and from the southern Plains and even the Deep South all the way to the Canadian border. One of the more extreme examples yesterday was Denver where it just rained all day long, and the high temperature barely cracked 60. The normal high is 90, so that's nearly 30 degrees below the normal for the date!

    Just look at the contrast across the nation's midsection in terms of highs Wednesday:

    Where it was cloudy and it rained through the prime heating hours of the day, temperatures were 15, 20 and almost 30 degrees below average.

    Even farther east, it just wasn't warm yesterday, with highs in the 70s in places where it would normally be in the 80s and 80s for highs where they typically reach into the 90s. Along with the lack of heat was a lack of humidity, making it feel like anything but a normal late-July day.

    Summer, though, will return in August. Actually, there's already plenty of heat in the Northwest, where temperatures have been in the 90s and beyond most of this week. Naturally, the Southwest deserts have been hot, and the cooldown has not made it to the southern half of Texas.

    But changes are coming. Look at the change from the current 500mb chart to the one 48 hours later, Saturday morning.


    Saturday morning:

    That's a dramatic shift along the Eastern Seaboard, and the immediate response will be to see the humidity come back in the East. The heat will be slower to follow, but eventually that will come back, too. In fact, after a rather wet weekend, temperatures should end up much closer to normal early next week. And that's just for starters!

    What about the middle of the country? There, the return of summer heat is going to be slower, especially from the Mississippi Valley to the Appalachians. Some 90s may show up later this weekend into early next week from eastern Montana into South Dakota and points south into Kansas. However, that kind of heat may not return to the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley and Appalachians for a much longer period of time. Even in these areas, though, I hold out the hope that by the middle of August, it will get hot again before summer fades to fall.

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