Global climate change

Surprise! Global Warming is Real

10/24/2011, 12:50:52 PM

Independent research conducted by a noted climate skeptic and funded by non-partisan sources has concluded that past research by NOAA, NASA and other groups were accurate in their estimates of warming over the past 50 years.

The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Group was created to resolve current criticism of the former temperature analyses, and to prepare an open record that will allow rapid response to further criticism and suggestions.

As you can see below, the Berkeley temperature analysis matches quite well with the other 3 major temperature analysis methods over the past 50 years. Image courtesy of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature group.


From the Berkeley group.......(before the research began)

The most important indicator of global warming, by far, is the land and sea surface temperature record. This has been criticized in several ways, including the choice of stations and the methods for correcting systematic errors. The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study sets out to to do a new analysis of the surface temperature record in a rigorous manner that addresses this criticism. We are using over 39,000 unique stations, which is more than five times the 7,280 stations found in the Global Historical Climatology Network Monthly data set (GHCN-M) that has served as the focus of many climate studies.

Below is a video showing the global land surface temperature anomaly from 1800 to present. The Berkeley Earth Analysis shows a 0.911 celsius (1.6 F) of warming since the 1950s. Video courtesy of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature group and YouTube.

According to contributor Alex Knapp in his article...."This finding.....should hopefully end the debate over whether the Earth is warming."

However, Andrew Freedman of the Washington Post is probably correct with his blog title in regards to these findings......'Will new studies confirming global warming settle skeptics’ questions? Don’t hold your breath'

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Global climate change