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Global climate change

Recent Slowdown in Warming Makes Sense

10/04/2015, 7:39:15 PM

Dr. Kevin Cowtan, who is a senior research fellow from the University of York (UK) made an excellent short video earlier this year explaining why the recent slowdown in global warming actually makes sense.

I highly recommend watching this short video. Courtesy of the University of Queensland (AU) and YouTube.

Cowtan explains that climate models do not take into account the shorter term natural phenomena such as ENSO, volcanic eruptions, air pollution and solar output.

During the most recent slow-down a majority of these phenomena had a cooling influence on the planet.

Cowtan explains that if these known natural phenomena were added into the models that the re-forecasts of the climate models are pretty close to the actual observations during the recent slowdown.

Cowtan goes on to explain that some global warming skeptics try to draw attention away from the big picture (longer term trend) by focusing on the short term noise, which is more likely due to some of these normal, natural variations.

Some skeptics also like to point out that that if man-made global warming is occurring the global temperature trend should run in tandem with the increase in atmospheric CO2. Cowtan explains that climate scientists have never claimed that CO2 is the only thing that is controlling the changes in global temperature.

Even though Cowtan specializes in x-ray crystallography, he has several publications in regards to climate science research, especially those dealing with the public understanding of climate science.

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Global climate change