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    Global climate change

    Is the Sun responsible for the recent Warming Trend?

    10/30/2012, 10:12:30 AM

    Could natural changes in the sun's output be responsible for the observed warming trend on the planet?

    The sun's output has not shown a net increase over the past 30 years, so it cannot be responsible for the most recent warming trend.

    Going back farther, scientists looked at sunspots and determined that there was a slight increase in solar energy during the first half of the 20th century and a slight decrease during the second half, according to the National Research Council and the National Academy of Science.

    Another way to answer the question is to look at the different layers of the Earth's atmosphere. Actual data show a warming trend in the lower atmosphere (troposphere) and a cooling trend in the higher atmosphere (stratosphere), which is exactly what is expected from greenhouse warming. If the sun was responsible there would be a more uniform warming through both of those layers of the atmosphere, according to the video.

    You can follow the explanation in the short video below from the National Academy of Science. Video courtesy of YouTube.


    I apologize for the lack of posts over the past week. I was in Colorado for a conference and then came back to deal with Sandy.

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    Global climate change