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All About Marty the Cat and Marty Pictures, Volume 1

November 21, 2009, 10:12:57 AM EST

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I have gotten many requests for more pictures of our pet, mascot, and fellow crew member Marty the cat. So today I am going to share several of the best ones we have so far.

First though, I want to give you a brief history regarding cats at the Mount Washington Observatory. Cats have had a nearly continuous presence at the Observatory since its founding years in the early 1930s. The first cats were usually strays that were brought up to help keep the mouse population in check and also of course for some companionship, especially since the observers in those days stayed on the summit for much longer than one week at a time. These days, we keep a cat at the Observatory more for the companionship and the tradition, but it still helps to have a little hunter or huntress around as well. Here is a classic picture of one of the former Observatory cats, Inga, after getting caught outside in riming conditions:


Marty is, of course, the latest in this long line of Observatory felines. In fact, he is very new to the summit having arrived just a few months ago in January. Until December 26, 2007 our cat was Nin, who had been living on the summit for about 15 years. At the age of 17, it was time for him to move to a home in the valley where any necessary vet care would be infinitely more accessible. Following up the incredible amount of publicity that the retirement of Nin received from the local, regional, and even national media, we decided to have a little fun in deciding who would takes the place of Nin as the top cat in New England. Marty was the victor in this first ever Mount Washington Mascot Primary, which also garnered quite a bit of media attention. Everyone has always been and always will be fascinated by the cats that have called the Observatory home. We often get visitors coming in for tours to simply get a chance to meet the cat.

Life as an Observatory cat is not rough by any means. First of all, Marty has one heck of a back yard to play in, when the weather is nice enough of course. This picture was taken one of the first times Marty was outside this spring and shows him running by our precipitation collection can:


This picture shows Marty walking on the edge of the observation deck railing, with the Carter and Wildcat Mountains in the background, along with Wildcat ski area:


This picture was a lucky capture by my fellow observer Steve Welsh of Marty leaping onto a walkway railing. We like to say that it was a picture of Marty doing some pull-ups, trying to bulk up:


Marty is very lucky to have lots of people to pay attention to him 24 hours a day since someone is always awake at the Observatory. Here, observer Steve Welsh pets a very content kitty:


And the last of the outdoor pictures shows Marty with Mount Adams and Mount Madison(left to right) in the background:


Marty constantly gets toys and treats sent to him by generous fans and members of our organization. He even has his own drawer in the weather room, dedicated to holding all these toys and treats. In this picture, he is fishing one of his toys out of his drawer:


Here Marty is enjoying his two favorite toys, some shiny streamers on the end of a string and a kitty tent that was sent to him by a member:


Naturally, like any cat, Marty needs his rest, and like any cat, he gets plenty of it. He often likes to lay in the oddest positions, one of which is shown here:


This last picture shows Marty taking a break on one of two custom monogrammed and logod L.L. Bean chiuaua beds that L.L. Bean donated for him:


That's it for now. I am sure in the future I will have more to share. Given the amount of interest I have received in seeing these so far, I will share new ones when I have them!

By the way, you can see these picture, along with many others, in full quality format by going to the AccuWeather Photo Gallery for Mount Washington.

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