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Northern Lights to be Visible?

By travel
6/06/2011, 9:23:54 AM

Mark Combellack on the AccuWeather Astronomy facebook fanpage said, "Looks like an increased chance of some geomagnetic storming over the next couple days as a coronal hole and a couple partially earth directed CME's appear to be headed this way and could stir up some aurora on the 4th and 5th. Keep an eye out for northern lights."

Daniel Vogler added, "Mark you beat me to it! lol :P 45% chance of some activity. Can't wait to see what weather will happen. Double wammy with the wind stream and Coronal Mass Ejection."

It certainly seems like the Sun has taken an upswing in terms of how busy it is, as was expected. Daniel thinks the active Sun will play a role in keeping the severe weather busy as well. If you have any questions about what kind of role the Sun has in terms of severe weather we can discuss it on the facebook fanpage as Daniel really knows his stuff.

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There are terrific websites out there that allow us to follow how busy the sun is. Please click on and for a couple of my favorite websites on this subject.

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