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    Elliot Abrams

    Kentucky Derby Weekend: Shower Status Is Equestrian Mark

    By Elliot Abrams, AccuWeather chief meteorologist
    5/02/2014, 5:09:57 AM

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    Friday morning

    This video provides a forecast for the Great Lakes and Northeast (including the I-95 corridor from D.C. to Boston).

    The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow. From Saratoga and Horseheads, N.Y., to Phillee, Saddleday and Sunday should be dry except for a few times when there is a de-livery of showers that should not last furlong. Will rain affect you? We try to answer that equestrian.


    Kentucky Derby Middle Atlantic Forecast

    They run the Kentucky Derby tomorrow, and it won't be too hot to trot. Temperatures will be around 70. But, what's going to happen here? That's the mane equestrian. We have had some warm days, but the situation has certainly not stable-ized. Still, we have to take everything in stride. And, as we look at the weekend, we don't expect to pull in the rains too often but there is a herd of moisture ov the Midwest and every now and then clouds can make de-livery of a shower. However, individual showers may not last furlong because they'll really be hoofing it, but they can affect us any time from on our Saddleday and Sunday.

    But Hay! Hay! Let's backtrack to today. It's a nice morning and we're going to lasso a pretty nice day. From Saratoga to Horseheads, N.Y., to Phillee, there's enough moisture to spur a shower or two, but there can be some peeks of unbridled sunshine. Trying to promise exactly when a shower shows up is a real nightmare.

    Looking at next week, a storm heading through the ranches of the High Plains will be feeling its oats, and north of the storm skies could have lots of graze. Hot air will be in the Long Horn State, but the the hitch is that hot air stampeding in from the south will meet a high hurdle when it encounters the cool air in the northeast. That could eventually mean areas of rain where thunder is herd. We'll continue to rustle up some radar and saddle light pictures and if there's anything new we'll cattletale.

    A pal o yours is a palomino A person looked at a horse and said: Cheer up! Why the long face?

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