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    Every four years, the month of February gets an extra day, February 29th.  We call this a leap year.  Why do we have this?  It has to do with Earth's orbit around the Sun.
    Why we have leap years every four years
    Static What Happened US

    Cold air, snowstorms likely to make comeback in Northeast following once-in-100-year warmth

    February 22, 2018, 12:15:44 PM EST

    Warm air surges like the episode that sparked February records this week in the eastern United States do not mean that winter is over. more

    FOX 5 Atlanta Headlines

    Atlanta Police: Same person likely behind two random shootings

    Atlanta Police believe an unknown suspect randomly picked targets in separate shootings that injured two drivers early Thursday, causing one of them to crash. Both victims told officers a silver SUV pulled up alongside them and someone inside started shooting, for no apparent reason.

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    Now, Atlanta Police are trying to determine whether someone is opening fire on strangers as they drive down the street.… More

    Police: Man shot to death in front of children, possible road rage More

    Fans race to Atlanta Motor Speedway ahead of NASCAR weekend More

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