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    Allergies, Dust & Dander - Friday, Aug 17

    The AccuWeather.com Dust & Dander Forecast will help you determine how conducive conditions are to the accumulation of dust and dander in the air and on the surfaces inside your home.

    Migraine Headache - Friday

    Migraine Headaches can occur at any time. The AccuWeather.com Migraine Headache Forecast combines current weather with how the weather is changing to predict the probability of experiencing a migraine headache, as well as how intense it is likely to be and how long it is likely to last.

    Arthritis Pain - Friday

    AccuWeather.com has developed a forecast that combines weather factors that may affect arthritis sufferers, and summarizes potential likelihood and severity of weather-related arthritis pain. The AccuWeather.com Arthritis Pain Forecast gives arthritis sufferers advance notice of increased pain, allowing them to plan appropriate physical activities.

    Common Cold - Friday

    The weather plays an important role in the chance you will get a cold and, if you do, how severe it will be and how long it will last. These factors are combined to yield the AccuWeather.com Common Cold Forecast.

    Flu Forecast - Friday

    The arrival of flu season each winter impacts schools, workplaces and families. The AccuWeather.com Flu Forecast combines the effects of the weather with relevant demographic factors to provide a scale showing the overall probability of flu transmission and the severity of flu symptoms.

    Asthma Risk - Friday

    There are a number of environmental factors that affect the likelihood and severity of an asthma attack. The AccuWeather.com Asthma Forecast shows how these factors are likely to affect asthmatics, with higher levels indicating an increased risk for an asthma attack and an increased likelihood of a more severe attack.

    Sinus Headache - Friday

    The AccuWeather.com Sinus Headache Forecast combines the effects of weather and relevant demographic factors to show the probability of experiencing a sinus headache, as well as how long it is likely to last and how severe it is likely to be.

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