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    Flooding far from over in Carolinas: Communities to be submerged through September’s end

    September 17, 2018, 12:03:44 PM EDT

    Flooding from Florence is far from over and the worst may be yet to come for some unprotected communities along the major rivers in parts of the Carolinas and southern Virginia. more

    FOX 46 Carolinas

    ASPCA helps rescue animals stranded across eastern NC

    The ASPCA is assisting shelters and rescuers in eastern NC save and house stranded animals after flooding from Hurricane Florence left many of them stranded.

    The organization deployed more than a dozen responders to NC, and is continuing to work with local emergency management agencies to make sure all animals who were left trapped by the storm are rescued and brought to a safe place.

    Rescuers are not only evacuating pets, homeless animals from shelters impacted by the hurricane. … More

    Planet Fitness opens 39 locations to Florence victims free of charge More

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