How to help: Donate now to assist victims of the 2017 hurricane season

Hurricane Maria delivers catastrophic blow to Puerto Rico; 100 percent of island left without power. Follow our coverage.

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    Tropical Storm Jose will pester southeastern New England with rain and gusty winds on Wednesday.
    Jose to exacerbate rough seas, coastal flooding in northeastern US

    Maria pulls away from battered Puerto Rico

    Static Jose Track 2 pm

    Dangerous surf, beach erosion and gusty winds to continue as Jose lingers off Northeast coast

    September 17, 2017, 11:45:59 AM EDT

    Jose will bring coastal flooding, beach erosion, gusty winds and rain to the mid-Atlantic and New England coasts much of this week. more

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    12-year-old girl saves sister, dad after he has seizure while driving

    Kassidy Gill listened to what her father told her to do if he ever had a seizure behind the wheel. Remembering, along with her bravery, helped this 12-year-old save her own life along, with the lives of her dad and her sister.

    "He told me he was dizzy and he said that's what happened before all his other seizures," she remembered. "He said to grab the wheel and find the nearest place to stop."

    The car was out of control, but Kassidy managed to steer the car into a field while keeping everyone safe.

    Kassidy explained to FOX 7, "It was going like (hand motions) really hard bumps and I was looking back and trying to get the phone to call 911, so I was driving, looking out for her, seeing how he was doing and calling 911 at the same time. It was like bumpy, I was like-- oh no, this is it."

    When the car came to a stop, she knew just who to thank.

    "I was like, wow, thank you God!" Kassidy said.

    Bastrop County Sheriff's Deputy Dave Newman was the first on the scene. He agreed, saying it's one thing for Kassidy to have driven safely into an open field, but with so many factors in play-- it looked like some kind of divine intervention.

    "The momentum of the car that continued moving towards solid structures-- trees, a house-- and narrowly miss all those. And to watch the tracks come to a stop right there next to the statue is quite amazing," Deputy Newman said.

    The statue he's referring to is a statue of Mother Mary. In fact, the statue is one of the only things Kassidy's dad remembers.

    "Things that have happened you just recognize blessings when they come and a lot people don't. I have always been one to recognize things like that, little things people overlook. That was my first thought. Someone greater than us had something to do with it," Christopher said.

    Although having her father and sister safe is reward enough, Kassidy was also presented with "The Civilian Life-Saving Award" for her actions.

    Watch the video to see Kassidy be recognized for her bravery.


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