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     Winds will kick up over parts of Northern California on Saturday before spreading southward as the weekend progresses.
    Winds to increase, threaten wildfire growth in California
    Static Cali Fire Second Part of Weekend

    Strong winds this weekend to pose challenges with battling the Thomas Fire, any new fires that spark

    December 15, 2017, 11:21:22 AM EST

    Winds will again kick up and become strong, which will raise the risk of rapidly spreading wildfires in Northern and Southern California. more

    CBS12 Chico

    Heavy showers & strong winds ahead for today

    Get ready for heavy showers, and strong winds ahead for your Wednesday. Showers have returned overnight, and are intensifying this morning. The heaviest precipitation is expected early today through around 2pm in the valley, with showers continuing to strengthen in the Sierra this evening. … More

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