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snowstorm radar 11pm Nov 14

Reports: Severe winter storm leads to travel accidents as it barrels up the East Cost

November 14, 2018, 11:27:49 PM EST

A major winter storm is gathering strength over the eastern United States, spreading disruptive snow, ice and rain across the region. more

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DC city council votes to decriminalize fare evasion

If DC lawmakers get their way, you won't get in trouble for skipping out on paying for using the Metro in the District any longer - the city council has voted overwhelmingly to decriminalize fare evasion.

In Maryland and Virginia, if you skip paying, you could still face criminal charges. D.C. is setting up a different enforcement and penalty system depending on where you're taking the Metro or riding the bus.… More

White House claims right to exclude 'grandstanding' Acosta More

Alexandria welcomes e-scooters as DC tightens regulations More

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