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    Celebrate Years of Local Reflection

    By By: Maria King
    July 11, 2012, 9:10:15 AM EDT

    It is normally not a good thing to get older in our youth centric culture. It is a different story as far as events are concerned. Everything this week has been taking place at least 30 years and in some cases well over 100. They show longevity and a well established base for sure. Events that have been around a long time have survived many tumultuous episodes in history, numerous administrative boards in charge and many changes in the mores of society. Yet they continue to be the glue that holds a community together. Maintaining traditions and history, while also allowing a town to move forward, is one of the primary purposes of an event. As events age, you don’t need to change the whole event but only adapt it somewhat. Even I have adapted as I get older. I still wear pants but I no longer wear hot pants unless I put them on right out of the dryer. Adapting is good! It is the same with events. To the credit of this week’s selections, adapting to change while maintaining their core idea is what these events have done to survive so long.


    One thing events do like almost nothing else however, is that they reflect the community where they take place. Events that we cover on EventCrazy are the life-blood of a community. They are a coming together to celebrate a common theme, interest or holiday. This past week we saw that with the July 4th events. Events, in many cases are the way that a community sees itself and the way they would like others to see it. Whether it’s antiquing in New England, a Folk music event in Ohio, an Art Festival in Missouri or any one of the many we cover, they all have a definite local air about them. Whether it’s art, food, local heroes, religious traditions or just local history you cannot go wrong with any of these choices.

    Think of selecting a local event as similar to selecting a restaurant. Why eat at the chain food places when the real flavor is local? Make sure you stop in to sample the local fare this week. Get out and experience the reasons why some of these events have lasted so long. While doing so exercise caution as I am sure that record breaking temperatures will be the norm again. Make sure you stay hydrated out there. I want you all to have fun, not get heat stroke. So grab your bottled water, a beach hat, sun screen and a friend and get out and see what events were like 30+ years ago. I am sure if nothing on this list in your area, a simple search will reveal wonderful options right in your own your backyard!

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