The world’s 30 most colorful natural attractions

By Lauren Cocking
January 22, 2018, 4:24:38 PM EST

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It's a ROYGBIV world!

While artificially vibrant towns sometimes grab all the attention of color-hunting travelers, these naturally colorful attractions only prove that mother nature was several steps ahead when it came to eye-catching, statement-making destinations. From hot springs that look like they’ve been flooded with paint to more than one pink lake (what is it about pink lakes?), these are the natural attractions worth visiting in your quest for ever more colorful destinations.

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Caño Cristales

color 1

WHERE: La Macarena, Colombia

The world’s most beautiful river and its kaleidoscopic riverbed, which runs the gamut of shades from sunshine yellow to blood red, can be found in La Macarena, Colombia. For the full technicolor experience, visit between July and November, but beware that a Caño Cristales excursion will be pretty out of reach for most budget backpackers, thanks to the limited and monopolized (read: not cheap) accessibility.

Danakil Depression

color 2

WHERE: Afar, Ethiopia

If you’re heat-averse, venturing to Ethiopia’s practically inhospitable Danakil Depression region seems misguided at best and vaguely idiotic at worst. However, for those obsessed with spectacularly colorful natural attractions, the bright yellow appeal of the Dallol volcano and the numerous olive, crimson, and amber sulphuric salt deposits in the nearby vicinity might just convince you it’s worth the trip.

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