The world’s 12 most bike-friendly cities

By Wink Carter
January 22, 2018, 4:15:16 PM EST

With cycling lanes, easy rental access, and even right of way for cyclists, these cities make getting around on two wheels easy.

Urban cycling on vacation is a great way to experience a city from a local perspective, be eco-friendly and see even more in a day. More and more cities encourage travelers to be green by introducing dedicated cycling lanes, easily accessible bike rental schemes, and special cycle trails along sights and through parks. Some places are simply perfect for cycling and in our world’s most bike-friendly cities, you’re only one ride away from having a great time.

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WHERE: Denmark

Cycling in Denmark goes back a long way. Already in the 1880s, using bikes to move around Copenhagen was the easiest, healthiest, cheapest and fastest way – and it still is. Cycling is the preferred mode of transport in the city, with more bikes than inhabitants. The Danish capital has more than 280 miles of cycle tracks and traffic lights during rush hour favor cycles over cars (in fact, only 29% of Copenhageners own a car). Copenhagen is also home to a Cycle Superhighway from the suburban town of Albertslund to the city center, as well as various bicycle bridges over motorways and canals.


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WHERE: The Netherlands

Amsterdam is possibly the world’s most famous cycling city. Not just the 800,000 locals commute on bikes, but the flat terrain also makes cycling in the narrow, winding streets of the city’s historic 17th-century center a fun activity for visitors. Exploring the city on a bike lets you see more in a day, but it’s best to avoid the commuter rush hours (8-9 am and 5-6 pm), when there are thousands of bikes on the road or you might get stuck in big queues at junctions. Dozens of cycle tours are available from city sightseeing to countryside excursions for close-ups of windmills and tulips.

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