The best countries in the world for vegetarians

By Ryan Boyd
August 07, 2018, 11:11:33 AM EDT

When you become a vegetarian, you begin to grapple with a few immediate realities: Fast food minus the meat is basically melted American cheese on sad bread, a good source of protein is worth its weight in gold, and arugula is a gross lie we all tell ourselves to feel fancy.

And if you’re a habitual jet-setter, it can be a Herculean task to forage for on-the-go meals that suit your diet. (If you’re vegan, you’re playing on nightmare mode and surviving largely on things that are technicallyvegan—did you know that Oreos and Fritos are actually vegan?)

Here are the countries in which you’ll have the easiest time finding a meatless bite to eat.

1. Scotland


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The country famous for inflicting haggis upon the world has really gotten itself together in the last decade, with vegetarianism exploding in the country as an apparent response to previous endemic unhealthy eating habits. Glasgow, specifically, is extremely vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, and you can easily get a wide variety of options that have never even met a cow. Hit up The 13thNote, a Glasgow vegan restaurant that has an incredible sticky toffee pudding and a wide variety of cocktails to wash it down.

2. India

india food


This one won’t come as much of a surprise—30% of the country is estimated to be vegetarian, and the national cuisine is both unspeakably delicious and easy to navigate if you’re not trying to eat anything with a central nervous system. In New Delhi, you’re going to want to tryVeg Gulati, but be ready to wait for a seat, because the place is usually packed. Also, if you’re vegan, keep an eye out for ghee, or clarified butter, which is a very popular ingredient in Indian cooking (and not vegan).

3. Ethiopia



Ethiopian cuisine has blown up in the United States in recent years, and for good reason— it’s flavorful and filling, healthy, and satisfying. When traveling to Ethiopia, keep in mind that a large portion of the country adheres to Ethiopian Orthodox Church dietary rules, which forbid eating any animal products during Lent and on Wednesdays and Fridays. You’re going to want to try the vegan burgers at Sishu in Addis Ababa, which have a devoted following in the area among travelers and citizens alike.

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