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The 25 most colorful towns in the world

By Lauren Cocking
January 15, 2018, 5:22:26 PM EST

Nothing brightens up a photo like a striking backdrop of bold, block color buildings which serve to paint everything in a more cheerful light, and nowhere is this more apparent than in some of the world’s most colorful towns, which, for better or worse, have developed cult status thanks to their jewel-toned color palettes. So, for the rainbow obsessed, these are the world’s top 25 most colorful destinations to add to your bucket list.



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WHERE: Rajasthan, India

From one blue town to another, India was lightyears ahead of Morocco, although the blue hues of Jodhpur come with a less than cheerful past. Originally painted as part of the caste system, electric blue buildings were once reserved for the “upper class”. However, the trend quickly spread throughout the town, converting the cobalt buildings’ remains into both a veritable tourist attraction and a practical solution to scorching heat.



WHERE: Cape Town, South Africa

Some claim that Bo-Kaap took on its vibrant tones to mark the end of South African Apartheid in the ’90s, and the joy is admittedly impossible to avoid in this multicolored, multicultural part of town, even if the accompanying gentrification is less than cheerful. Even so, Bo-Kaap remains one of Cape Town’s most diverse districts, and its distinctive fusion of bright and bold colors accurately reflects the multicultural melting pot that makes up the area.

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