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    National Parks will change your life-so go, before it's too late

    By Rachael Levitt
    October 03, 2017, 4:47:33 PM EDT

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    grand canyon


    So many people think of travel as a time to vacation, but it can also be therapy, education, or even a shift in perspective. Travel can make us better humans in the universe and better animals in the world, especially if we seek out the incredible displays of nature that serve as reminders that we are so very tiny in this universe. National Parks change you.

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    National Parks Make You Brave

    The bravest thing I have ever heard of is to climb the face of El Capitan in Yosemite Park and sleep there overnight. Climbers must harness port-o-ledges shoved into cold rock and sleep on the side of a cliff overnight. How anyone can sleep under such conditions is beyond my comprehension. But you don’t have to be that extreme to experience a growth in your courage reserves at National Park. Be it rappelling, bouldering, rafting, canyoneering, mountain biking, summiting, horseback riding, spelunking, wildlife viewing, paddling, sleeping outside, going off-path, climbing, swimming–there are so many ways to fall into a fun new experience, one you might never have the opportunity to experience in the everyday.

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