Free National Park Day is almost here

By Meredith Carey
August 15, 2017, 4:39:02 AM EDT

Free national park day partner 8.15.17

The entrance fee to Denali National Park will be waived August 25. (Photo/Getty)

Celebrate the National Park Service's birthday wandering around your local national park.

You've had more than 50 days since summer began to step foot in a U.S. national park. But, if summer got away from you, fear not—there's still time to head outside. There are four more free admission days in 2017, and one of them is extra special. Why? The National Park Service turns 101 this month, and all of the country's national parks, monuments, and recreation areas will be free to explore on Friday, August 25. With more than 400 national parks in the U.S. and its territories, the park service has 120 parks that regularly charge admission fees, which range anywhere from $3 to $30. Lucky for us, those fees will be waived in just two weeks, as they are every year around this date.

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If your local national park doesn't pique your interest, there's still time to head further afield. Alaska's Denali National Park recently announced that this year's litter of seven husky sled dog puppies has been born and is ready for visitors. Further south—much further, that is—you'll need to pack some sunscreen if you're interested in sandboarding in White Sands National Monument (New Mexico) or Great Sand Dunes National Park (Colorado). On the East Coast, make the three-and-a-half mile drive from Portland, Maine to the top of Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park for sunrise and spend the rest of the day exploring Jordan Pond and Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.

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