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Do travelers still need to worry about Zika?

By Chantel Delulio
March 19, 2019, 1:38:59 PM EDT


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CBS News just brought Zika back to everyone’s attention with Zika: Children of the Outbreak. This new documentary focuses on “Generation Zika”: the children of the thousands of women infected by the 2016 Zika outbreak when they were pregnant—as well as the looming possibility of another epidemic.

Should you still be protecting yourself against the virus in 2019? Here are the answers to a few common questions what do we know.

What is the Zika virus?

Zika fever is a virus that is mostly spread by the aedes species of mosquitos. In 2015 and 2016 there was an epidemic that originated in northeastern Brazil that rapidly spread throughout most of the Americas and parts of Southeast Asia.

Can I Still Get Zika in 2019?

While cases of Zika are nowhere near the levels seen at the height of the outbreak in 2016, mosquitos carrying the Zika virus still infect people in several places in the world. The CDC currently advises that pregnant women not travel to the north Indian state of Rajasthan, which experienced an outbreak late last year. The risk still exists in much of the Americas, Southeast Asia, and parts of Africa.

Keep an eye on travel advisories for affected areas. The Canadian government has issued a warning that travelers should that people who are pregnant or may be considering becoming pregnant should simply avoid traveling to Thailand. You can also get current updates from the CDC’s Zika travel information page, which includes a map that shows the levels of Zika in different countries and whether or not certain travelers should go to those locations.

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