Disneyland just experienced the hottest day at a Disney Park - ever

By Cailey Rizzo
July 09, 2018, 3:48:37 PM EDT

Disneyland just had its hottest day ever.

While southern California experienced a heat wave over the weekend, temperatures in Anaheim (home of Disneyland) soared to 113°F on July 6.

It is not only the hottest temperature on record since the park opened in 1955, it is the hottest temperature recorded at any of the Disney parks around the world (including Orlando, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong), according to Theme Park Insider.

Because of the oppressive heat, park officials closed all outdoor rides, including Big Thunder and Mountain Railroad. Several food vendors also shut down because of the heat. Those who went to the park on that day said that lines for rides were short, as the park was practically empty.

Disney first aid staff were on call to help guests experiencing dehydration. “There was one medic run right after the other,” one park cast member said.

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On the same day as the record-breaking heat, Disney Parks’ websites and apps experienced a malfunction, making it impossible to use the MaxPass app. Park employees were issuing handwritten notes to anybody who said they had purchased the pass.

Wait times for many popular attractions dropped to the point where it was basically possible to walk right on.

“It reminded me of the 90s, before Fastpass, and how easy it was to traverse the park and get on rides,” Brian Pinsky of MiceChat wrote. “If it weren’t for the ridiculous heat, it would have been the perfect day.”

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