18 bone-chilling ghost stories about one of Europe’s creepiest capitals

By Jacklyn Janeksela
October 23, 2018, 10:59:32 AM EDT

Meander through cobblestone streets, gaze at Gothic and Baroque architecture, admire the city at night, and you’ll quickly see how easy it is to create your own stories about Prague. Prague’s reputation for being mysterious has lasted the ages. It’s is immaculately preserved, giving the illusion that you’ve stepped back in time. In a city full of ancient relics, it’s no wonder something could be lurking in the shadows. The dark side of Prague conjures local legends spooky enough to leave those who listen with chills that are hard to shake off, and the ghost stories of Prague are numerous. A new interactive mapmakes ghost hunting more accessible to the public–are you ready for it?

1. The Dark Knight Statue

dark knight


The Dark Knight, aka the Iron Man, is a story of heartache. Upon his return from defending his country, rumors that his beloved had been unfaithful reached him. Thus, he married another. The former lover, so distraught, jumped into the Vltava River, never to surface again. Her father then flung himself from a tower as a result. The Dark Knight, after realizing the pain his hasty decision caused, went into a murderous rage, killed his wife, and later himself. He rests for eternity trapped inside the statue. To the left of City Hall, the statue resides, a warning to those who look upon him to reconsider any action that might seal their fates forever.

2. The Countess at the Černín Palace


(Photo:Radomir Rezny - Dreamstime.com)

Walk near Černín Palace and pay close attention, especially at night. Some say screams can be heard just after dark, but most will tell you the noises burgeon around midnight. The countess wasn’t just vain, she was cruel. Even demons were shocked by her selfish behavior. Allegedly, she bathed in milk during a time when milk was a true luxury. The devils had enough of her when she started to wear shoes made out of bread while peasants famished. Nine devils dragged her down to hell to suffer eternal punishment for neglecting those in need. As she was taken, her blood-curdling screams reverberated through the long, spacious hallways. Still, to this day, her screams can be heard late in the night.

3. The Nun at St. Agnes Convent


(Photo:Franz1212 - Dreamstime.com)

Legend has it that the nun can be seen from the gate into the conventat dusk. She’s a rather capricious ghost who can’t seem to make up her mind about whether to be pleasant or depressed. Those who have seen her have diverging stories –she’s either wistfully happy or wailing long into the night. If you find yourself lost late at night on Josefov Street, be warned–she might make herself known to you. She’s never in the same mood; either singing and joyous or weeping covered in blood. Legend says she was killed by her father because she had fallen in love with a man beneath her status. He had planned to send her to the convent to live, but she never made it because she tried to escape. How she ended up in the convent as a ghost is a real mystery. Only her ghost remains as a testament to her spirit and a love that knew no boundaries.

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