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11 witchy destinations to visit in Salem, Massachusetts

By Shannon Weber
October 26, 2017, 1:26:26 PM EDT

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Explore the real-life mysticism of Salem, Massachusetts.

Salem, Massachusetts is world-renowned for its infamous persecution and execution of twenty people for witchcraft in 1692-1693. What is less commonly known is that Salem, affectionately nicknamed “The Witch City” by locals, has since become a thriving haven for real-life witches, Wiccans, and neopagans. There’s even a section of town called Witchcraft Heights!

With more than a million visitors every year, there are several tourist hotspots to be found, such as the Salem Witch Museum, The Witch House of judge Jonathan Corwin, and the Samantha Stevens statue of Bewitched fame. But trek off the beaten path and you’ll find limitless witchy treasures ranging from the spiritual to the bacchanalian—and often both at once!—including witchcraft and occult shops, street festivals, and even a new age travel company. Open your mind to this storied New England city and let Salem cast its spell on you.

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New England Magic: A Shop and School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

mass 1

(Photo/Dex/Flckr, [CC BY-NC 2.0])

New England Magic has an excellent variety of books on witchcraft and paganism, as well as assorted witch essentials like tarot decks and bags, jewelry, wands, and more. Peruse the wares found in two large connected rooms full of herbal encyclopedias, spellcasting guides, and both introductory and advanced texts on several pagan religions. The staff is always ready and willing to suggest just the right book for you, whether you identify as a witch or you’re simply an interested traveler.

Village Silversmith

Mass 2

(Photo/Katy Marques of Village Silversmith)

Have you always wanted to roam shelves and shelves filled with glittering crystals and semi-precious gems at wholesale prices, organized by stone type and size, with dozens of each to choose from? Then you’ve come to the right place! Village Silversmith is a one-stop shop for crystal aficionados and curious passersby alike. As their name implies, they also carry a large collection of silver earrings, rings, and other jewelry, many with witchy and occult themes.

The back door of Village Silversmith acts as a direct shortcut to Museum Place Mall, which provides handy access to a smattering of souvenir shops, a food court, small theatre, and bathrooms. While there’s not much to fawn at over here, definitely consider visiting Witch Pix, where you can get your very own witchy professional photos taken.

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