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    Jesse Ferrell

    Jesse Ferrell

    When I got out of college in 1995, I missed the daily interaction amongst the meteorology students and professors. As a result, I started my own online weather organization (WeatherMatrix), and now I manage the communities of weather enthusiasts here at, including our photo gallery, forums, Twitter account and Facebook Pages.

    Favorite/most addictive form of social media?
    That's easy: Facebook. Over the last few years, I have grown intimately familiar with its history, technology and how it works. I have found friends from school, work and many weather enthusiasts. I am fascinated by the thought of weather news spreading virally through social media.
    Your current desktop picture?
    My current desktop picture is Dan Stark from "The Good Guys" because sometimes in the management of AccuWeather's online communities, you have to spend some time "bustin' punks."
    What is your earliest memory?
    I can't say for sure if I really remember this, but my mother tells me that my first sentence was: "Dark;might rain more" as I observed an approaching thunderstorm at my childhood home in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Like many weather enthusiasts, I was intensely interested in the weather at a very young age. Our house being struck by lightning in 1987 and Hurricane Hugo in 1989 solidified my career path. I declared my major in meteorology on day one at the University of North Carolina – Asheville.
    Favorite place to vacation?
    Every year of my life (except 2006 when I had just bought a house) I have travelled to Oak Island, N.C., for a family reunion. When my dad was a kid, he lived there with my grandfather who ran a store and miniature golf course. The beach is a great place to observe and photograph the weather. I have met hurricanes, funnel clouds, rainbows and brilliant sunsets there.