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    Dave Bowers

    Dave Bowers
    First CD/DVD you ever bought?
    Three Dog Night
    What made you choose weather/meteorology/broadcasting as a career?
    The blizzard of January 1966. Not the greatest snowfall in Harrisburg's history but three days of howling winds made the largest snow drifts I have ever seen. Our street was blown shut for two solid weeks by 10- to 20-foot drifts coming off the Harrisburg Drive-In Theater.
    Weirdest job you've ever held?
    Logging the location of police cars and dispatching police for the Lower Paxton Township Police Department in 1976.
    Favorite sports team? Music? Movie genre?
    Sports: Penn State Nittany Lions, of course! Music: gospel. Move genre: romantic comedy.
    Any weird talents?
    Kicking a 50-yard field goal on crutches… that was 30 years ago.
    Right or left handed?
    Last movie you watched/book you read?
    Movie: "Seabiscuit" Book: "A Walk in the Woods"
    Favorite day of the year?
    Oct. 13… the peak of the fall foliage in central Pennsylvania and my wife's birthday!
    Song you hate the most?
    The Rolling Stones – "I Can't Get No Satisfaction"
    Favorite/most addictive form of social media?
    Building the family tree at ancestry.com
    If you could go back or forward in time, where would you go?
    When God made Adam in the Garden of Eden
    Favorite Kevin Bacon movie?
    Apollo 13
    Coffee or Tea?
    What's a word you say a lot?
    Favorite age you have been so far?
    24 – Age I got married
    Most influential person in your life?
    Pastor Dave Janssen and my wife Judy
    Favorite Season?
    Autumn by a long shot
    What is your earliest memory?
    Getting a face full of exhaust fumes from my grandfather's '58 Ford.
    PC or MAC?
    What kind of tree or animal would you be?
    What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
    "Simply Lemonade," Myers Dairy milk in glass bottles… lots of them.
    One meal for the rest of your life – what would it be?
    Wood grilled salmon
    Hobbies / Special Interests?
    Hobbies – flowers and fruit plants (blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, along with grape vines)
    Favorite place to vacation
    Acadia National Park, Maine