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    How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather Hunting

    By By Gordon Whittington
    December 19, 2013, 6:22:07 AM EST

    Getting the most out of late-season hunting means being prepared for ugly weather. Whether you’re on stand in Canada, the Gulf Coast or anywhere in between, it’s easy to become miserable when things get nasty. And a miserable hunter often finds himself unable to function smoothly at the moment of truth—or bailing out on the hunt altogether.

    While cold tolerance varies widely from one person to the next, a few practical tips can help all of us fight off the elements as the season winds down. Develop a system that works for you, and you’ll boost your chances of actually being out there, and being able to get it done, when Mr. Big finally arrives.


    Fuel Your Body

    The better your diet, the warmer you’ll be on stand. Some nutritionists recommend what’s called the “O-P-P” diet for outdoor activity in cold weather. O stands for oatmeal at breakfast; P is for a peanut butter sandwich at lunch; and the other P is for pasta at dinnertime. These foods all are rich in complex carbohydrates, so they break down slowly in your system to provide sustained fuel.

    No Sweat

    Along with making it easier for game to smell you, working up a sweat on your way to the stand is a recipe for getting cold after you arrive. So take your time getting there, carrying your outerwear if possible. The better your physical condition, the less you’ll perspire. Regardless, do what you can to keep all underlayers dry.

    Protect Your Core

    Disposable handwarmers that increase in temperature when exposed to air are an inexpensive way to keep your core warm. Slide several into interior pockets before you get cold. And tuck in your jacket if possible, to keep heat from escaping out the bottom. Wearing several quiet, thin layers that don’t restrict your movement often is an improvement over a single insulated jacket.

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