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    10 Best Dog Movies of All Time

    By Joe Genzel
    May 24, 2013, 4:24:00 AM EDT

    If there’s one thing we never tire of here at Gun Dog, it’s quoting lines from our favorite movies. We can rattle off scenes from Goodfellas for hours: “Spida, on ya way ovah here, bring me a cuddy and wada, huh.” Well, we thought instead of wasting our valuable time doing our best Joe Pesci impersonations around the office, it’d be a bit more productive—and entertaining for you—if we helped you share in the fun.

    So we took our passion for great movies and came up with a list of the best dog films of all time. Not all of these flicks are “dog movies,” per se, but rest assured, there’s a pooch in every one of them. We also considered the watchability of each film—if we couldn’t get through it, it’s hard to expect you to. The result is our list of the 10 best dog movies of all time.


    10. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

    Will Farrell, staring in Anchorman, has a best friend/terrier named “Baxter,” that is, until Farrell’s character “Ron Burgundy” throws a burrito at motorcyclist Jack Black. Black responds by drop-kicking poor Baxter over the side of a bridge, sending Burgundy in a downward spiral that sees him lose his love interest “Veronica Corningstone” (Christina Applegate) and his job.


    9. Back to the Future

    "I have your car towed all the way to your house, and all you have for me is a light beer?” Yes, Biff Tannen is a dog, but we’re thinking of Doc Brown’s sheepdog, Einstein. He doesn’t play a prominent role in Back to the Future, but he is the world’s first time traveler, so you can’t deny his importance in canine history.

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