10 Ways to Spice Up Your Skiing

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January 12, 2013, 5:04:12 AM EST

Not so thrilled by the old home hill anymore? Shake things up, bust that rut, and you just might put some spice back in the relationship.


1. Demo Different Skis

Rather than complain about your home hill, why not change the tools you use to get down it? Most ski shops offer demo packages, so you can try out the latest ski and boot offerings. Also, try riding backward - or "switch" - for awhile. Riding backward and playing with different pressure patterns helps you develop a better feel for the fronts and backs of your boots and skis.


2. Ski Nonstop

We hate to burst your bubble, but boredom is often a self-inflicted dilemma. Think about it: Not only do you ski the same trails over and over, you probably ski them the same way every time, taking rest breaks in the same spots, making same turns in the same places, etc. Add challenge by skiing trails nonstop, top to bottom. Eliminating rest breaks will build your stamina (read: bye-bye quad burn) and increase your speed.


3. Learn to Carve - Really Carve

Like warm beer, carving hasn't garnered the appreciation in America it enjoys in places like Austria and France. But skiing on short carvers or snow blades is one of the best ways to learn the intricacies of carving both skis. Rent a pair of short, 80-centimeter skis, ditch your poles, and practice getting an equal amount of weight over both skis as you turn. When you switch to your regular skis, you'll be back at the bottom of the learning curve, but in no time you will be looking down to see two clean arcs - instead of smeared washouts - carved in the snow.

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