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What to expect from your lawn care service

By Kyle Larson
April 27, 2017, 2:54:07 PM EDT

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What should you expect from your lawn care company throughout the year? It seems like a fairly simple question, you expect that they will make your lawn green and weed-free. Caring for your lawn requires more than just fertilizer and weed control, it is based on a partnership between you and your lawn care company to make sure that your lawn stays healthy throughout the year. This partnership requires more than just an occasional lawn treatment.

What you should expect from your lawn care company:

Summary of Current Lawn Conditions

Your lawn care technician should provide you with information on what he/she observed while serving your lawn. Is there a disease active on your lawn or an insect problem that may be causing damage? Are you mowing at the correct height and providing the right amount of water to keep your lawn green and growing? There is more to caring for your lawn than just fertilizing it.

Information on Additional Available Services

What other services does the company offer that may enhance your outdoor experience? Depending on the state, does the company offer perimeter pest control services to keep nuisance pest from entering your home? Do they offer a mosquito control service or provide control for flea and ticks? Many homeowners have invested a good deal of money on landscaping their home. Does your company offer pest control services for your landscape plants? Or, offer root feeding to help landscape plants grow better? Do they offer core aeration services? If you live in an area where overseeding is an option, is this service available to you? Of course, if there is a current insect or disease problem, do they offer a control program? Do they also offer preventative applications as well?

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