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    The Active Times Holiday Gift Guide 2013

    By By the Editors of the Active Times
    December 11, 2013, 5:39:45 AM EST

    Thanksgiving rolls around, and suddenly you've got more people to shop for than ideas or time.

    Let us help. Everybody knows a fitness freak, or a runner who can't stop talking about her next race, or a cyclist who'd rather quit his job than drive to work, or a backpacker who's ticking off the days till spring...


    The point is, we've got a few ideas. See for yourself.


    Moving Comfort Just Right Ear Warmer

    Any runner who wants to work out outside during the winter months needs gear to cover his or her ears—but it must boast moisture-wicking features like the Just Right Ear Warmer headband, though. After all, wet ears will certainly not be warm ears. This headband works to regulate body temperature and also includes reflective accents—great for early morning, before-the-sun or late-night runs. $18; movingcomfort.com —Katie Rosenbrock

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    Freitag Moss & Roy Commuter BagsYour precious cargo will be safe at hand in these stylish urban commuter bags made from recycled truck tarps and seatbelts. Swiss company Freitag has been turning this ultra-durable material into commuter gear since 1993, and because every upcycled tarp is different, every bag has a unique design. New for the season, the Moss (left, $260) and larger Roy (right, $310) both have padded pockets for laptops up to 15 inches—the sleeve is removable in the Roy—and plenty of storage. And if price is holding you back, just remember that these will stand up to years of abuse on the road—after all, they already did. freitag.ch —Mark Lebetkin


    ColdAvenger Classic Fleece Mask

    For the determined traveler who plans to stay and play outside as long as possible, this fleece mask features a patented, medical grade ventilator that allows normal breathing, keeps the face dry, and relaxes airways with warm and humidified air. Major warmth without the weight—this is one must-have for any suitcase headed for snowy, cold climates. $50; coldavenger.com —Katie Jackson

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