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    How Do Insects (and Other Creatures) Predict the Weather?

    By By Contributors at The Old Farmer's Almanac
    May 06, 2013, 4:43:32 AM EDT

    Next time you see an ant or a spider, check out what it's doing—it could let you know something about the upcoming weather. Check out our weather proverbs and prognostics about insects and reptiles.

    *If ants their walls do frequent build, rain will from the clouds be spilled.
    *Ants are busy, gnats bite, crickets sing louder than usual, spiders come down from their webs, and flies gather in houses just before rain.
    *When bees to distance wing their flight, days are warm and skies are bright; But when their flight ends near their come, stormy weather is sure to come.
    *Fireflies in great numbers indicates fair weather.
    *When hornets build their nests near the ground, expect a cold and early winter.
    *When cicadas are heard, dry weather will follow, and frost will come in six weeks.
    *When spiders' webs in air do fly, the spell will soon be very dry.


    *Spiders in motion indicate rain.
    *When spiderwebs are wet with dew that soon dries, expect a fine day.
    *Spiderwebs floating at autumn sunset bring a night frost, this you may bet.
    *The louder the frogs, the more the rain.


    *Frogs singing in the evening indicates fair weather the next day.
    *Leeches kept in glass jars are active just before rain.
    *Hang up a snakeskin and it will bring rain.

    Did we miss any? See more weather proverbs and prognostics for: animals and pets as well as birds!

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