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    Best Outfits For Cold Weather Workouts

    By By Lisa Jhung, Runner’s World
    February 01, 2014, 4:18:05 AM EST

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    Deciding what to wear and how to layer can make winter workouts challenging before you even step outside. Stare at your closet too long, and you could talk yourself out of running altogether. Here's a quick guide to help you get out that door quicker, and run more comfortably.

    Note: If you have your computer or phone handy, you can just head over to our What to Wear tool and it will tell you what your outfit should be based on the current conditions.

    50°F and Up

    Bottoms: Consider a longer-cut short than you'd wear in the summer, or wear capris. Tops: A long-sleeve technical shirt, or a short-sleeve shirt and arm warmers. Thin vest. Add: A lightweight baseball cap–style hat.



    Bottoms: Capris or three-quarter-length tights. Alternatively: long tights or pants. Tops: Layer two long-sleeve shirts, or wear one long-sleeve with a breathable wind- or waterproof jacket, a thicker vest, or a thin midlayer. Add: A wicking beanie, thin gloves.

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    Bottoms: Brushed tights or pants; consider a pair of wool underwear. Wear socks high enough to cover any exposed skin. Tops: Double up on long-sleeve shirts, or wear a long-sleeve shirt with a thin midlayer and thin jacket, or a heavier version of either. Add: Beanie hat, thicker gloves. Sunglasses protect your eyes from chilly gusts. (Consider clear lenses on cloudy days.)

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    Bottoms: Brushed, insulated tights or pants made of wind- and water-blocking fabrics. Tops: A long-sleeve shirt tucked into your bottoms and/or a midlayer that zips up to protect your neck, plus an insulated jacket. Long socks. Add: A scarf or "gaiter" around your neck that you can pull over your chin and mouth. A warm beanie that covers your ears. Thick gloves that fit snugly. Sunglasses.

    Below 0°F

    You're kidding, right? Hit the treadmill!

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