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    12 New Year's Resolutions for Runners

    By By Alyssa Cami
    December 27, 2013, 6:10:46 AM EST

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    With January right around the corner, it’s the time of year where we all start making promises to ourselves about how we’ll be better in the New Year. As runners, we read and talk about all the best training advice but hardly ever actually end up putting it into action; whether it’s because we’re pressed for the time or, let’s be honest, are just plain lazy. As 2014 approaches, think about committing to a few (or all twelve) of the following Runner Resolutions for a year of healthier, happier running.


    Find Your Focus

    What’s your "thing” this year? Do you want to work on your speed for shorter distances, or build up your endurance for longer runs? Do you want to run more trails or focus on roadwork? Instead of spreading yourself too thin, trying to do everything, pick one area to be your main focus for the year. If you want to focus on speed, spend more time doing interval, fartlek, or tempo training and forgo longer runs. You’ll be more likely to accomplish your goals this way, which will leave you free to focus on accomplishing a new one next year!

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    Get On That Race RosterGive yourself the extra motivation to put on those ear warmers and lace up those sneakers. You’ll be way more likely to get out for a run if you’re working towards something. Whether it’s a mile-long fun run or an ultra-marathon, pick a race that you can get excited about and go for it.

    Be A Hill Seeker

    Let’s face it, no one actually likes running up hills. Whether it’s a measly little incline or the steep ascent up Divisidero Street in San Francisco, one thing always holds true: hills are hard. They can make even the best runner feel like they’re about to keel over. But just like the veggies you never wanted to eat as a kid, they’re good for you. Sure, huffing and puffing as you inch uphill feels terrible at the time, but the reward of improving your performance is always worth it.

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