How to Get Glowing Skin: Five Things to Eat and Drink

By By Shannon Bauer
May 29, 2014, 9:04:38 AM EDT

With sunshine peeking its head around the corner and warmer temps on their way, who has time for thick moisturizers and caked-on foundation? Getting glowing skin isn't just about expertly covering acne or using moisturizer, but rather it is beauty from the inside out. We've rounded up the best foods to help you eat and drink your way to a perfect complexion just in time for summer.


Water: The easiest way to guarantee glowing skin year-round is to drink plenty of high quality H2O. Skin that is not hydrated is dry, wrinkly, and with veins that protrude from the skin. Your skin needs moisture in order to be healthy, and water provides the hydration it craves. J.J. Virgin, certified fitness and nutrition specialist and author of The Virgin Diet Cookbook, advises drinking half your weight in ounces of water daily—it'll do your body and your beauty good.

Fruit: The next best thing you could give your skin is fruit. Dr. Dian Griesel, coauthor of TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust, explains that "fruit is a drug delivery system for getting water to cells." Eating two to five pieces of fruit per day ensures that the skin cells become hydrated and you'll achieve glowing skin.

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