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    Five Ways to Green Your Child's School

    By By Healthy Child Healthy World
    October 21, 2013, 8:57:43 AM EDT

    Does it pain you to walk through your child’s school and see just one recycling bin? Or maybe pesticide use in the school cafeteria or on the grounds is your greatest concern. Whatever the issue may be, there’s always a need to create more environmental awareness—for parents, teachers, and kids alike. Need help? Here are some easy steps to get eco-friendly practices and programs going in your school community.

    1. Start a Green School Committee

    A green school committee is a volunteer group dedicated to making school as safe and sustainable as it can be—a PTA for eco-concerns and school health issues. The green committee’s role is to identify the school’s environmental problems, research solutions, and implement changes that create the healthy surroundings. With both an exclusive purpose and the time to focus on it, a green school committee can accomplish things that might otherwise go undone.

    If your school already has a green committee, join it! If not, found one. Start by reaching out to parents and any school staff with environmental sympathies and inviting them to an organizational meeting. Try to get some school employees on board if only in an advisory capacity; “insiders” will help your group be taken seriously.


    2. Get Kids Involved

    Programs that engage students are invaluable. Looking for ideas? Start a farm-to-cafeteria alliance, and support a local farm in an effort to provide healthy food as well as to educate.

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