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    Easiest Crops to Grow--and Share

    By By Doreen G. Howard
    July 13, 2012, 7:17:08 AM EDT

    Because I’ve experienced nature’s bounty in my vegetable garden for over two decades, it wasn’t difficult to become part of Plant a Row for the Hungry (PAR), a program that has been a part of Garden Writers Association since 1996. Their message is plant an extra row of beans, an additional tomato plant or hill of squash and donate the harvest to the local food pantry.


    PAR gardeners have contributed more than 18 million pounds of fresh vegetables and fruits to the hungry, over two million pounds in 2011, alone!

    The easiest crops to grow, and the ones that go first at food pantries, are:

    -Collards and kale
    -Hot and sweet peppers
    -Loose-leaf lettuce
    -Green beans


    I don’t have to plant extra hills or rows, because there is always plenty to share. As any veggie gardener knows, squash keeps on coming, and there are always too many tomatoes! It’s only a matter of taking your extras to a local food pantry or PAR collection point. Contact your state extension service for local PAR information. Many Master Gardener programs do PAR collections. Please plant an extra row of vegetables for the hungry. It’s so easy to stop hunger.

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