Warming means nicer US weather, but it won't last

By By Andrea Thompson
April 20, 2016, 2:13:56 PM EDT


As the world has warmed over the past few decades, climate scientists have increasingly sounded the alarm over the potentially catastrophic impacts that warming could have on the world's weather. But in the U.S., that message may have been lost on most Americans because their day-to-day weather has actually become more pleasant, according to a new study in the journal Nature.

The study finds that overall winters in the U.S. have become much milder, while summers have not yet become sweltering — just how Americans seem to like their weather.

“Rising temperatures are ominous symptoms of global climate change, but Americans are experiencing them at times of the year when warmer days are welcomed,” study co-author Patrick Egan, a social scientist at New York University, said in a statement.

But this ideal balance won’t last — a reverse is looming, and the vast majority of Americans will see their typical weather become distinctly unpleasant, Egan and his co-author Megan Mullin found.

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