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    Black Friday Sales – Not Just About Big Screen TVs

    By By Sharon Seltzer
    December 06, 2012, 5:29:08 AM EST

    Black Friday specials are not just about getting the best deal on big screen televisions or iPads. They are also about saving the lives of hard to place homeless pets – particularly those with black coats.


    On Friday, animal rescue groups across the country will be sponsoring Black Friday Pet Adoptions which are deeply discounted or free adopt-a-thons for black or predominantly black cats and dogs.

    The heartbreaking reason behind the fire-sale adoption events is that cats and dogs with black coats are the least likely to find a new home and the most likely to be euthanized at an animal shelter.

    Rescue groups speculate there are many reasons why people walk past a black cat or dog at a shelter:

    -Pets with black fur are hard to see in dimly lit animal shelters. -Cats and dogs with black coats don’t show well in photographs. -Underlying superstitions about black cats being evil keep them from finding new homes. -Big black dogs look scary and menacing. -Pets with black fur can appear older than they are. -People worry about black fur getting on their furniture.

    The truth is most of these fears and objections and simply myths and pets with black fur make wonderful, loving companions.

    If you are thinking about the addition of a new cat or dog to your family, please consider visiting one of the many Black Friday Adoptions in your community.

    Click through for videos that further explain the plight of pets with black coats.

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