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    How to Store Your Lawnmower for Winter

    By kconnolly
    December 06, 2012, 5:48:08 AM EST

    If you have ever pulled your lawnmower out of the garage or shed in the spring and realized it wouldn't run—and that you're facing a hefty lawnmower repair bill or replacing the mower completely—you understand the importance of winterizing your lawnmower.

    If you have a cordless lawnmower, you really don't have to winterize your mower or do a lot of lawnmower repairs other than keeping it clean and the batteryserviced. However, if you're using a gas mower, there are several steps you can take to winterize your mower and reduce headaches when spring rolls around and it's time to pull out the mower and get started again.


    Your first step in winterizing a lawnmower is to empty the gas tank. The easiest way to do this is to simply turn on the mower and allow it to run until the gas is gone. Of course, you'll want to run it outside rather than allowing fumes to build up in your garage, basement or shed. Alternatively, you can fill the gas tank completely and add fuel stabilizer. Most lawnmower repair experts, however, recommend just emptying the tank.

    Next, you need to clean your lawnmower. Start with the underside of the housing. Remove any old grass, debris and other gunk and junk that builds up on your lawnmower over time. A lot of debris will come off under a moderate hosing with water. Finish the cleaning by using a cordless drill with a wire brush to scrape off the remaining gunk. The best cordless drills are light, portable and hold a charge well; all of these factors combined make them excellent for this cleaning job.

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