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How to Replace a Damaged Deck Board

By Benjamin Hardy
June 04, 2015, 2:13:17 PM EDT

Wood decks can weather, crack and splinter. Use these steps to replace a damaged deck board.

Step 1: Cut and pry damaged board


Use a saber saw to make a cut into the damaged board. Be careful to avoid nicking the adjoining planks. Use a pry bar to carefully lift the damaged board up off the joists. Remove the old fasteners as you go. A crowbar will give you better leverage in this process, so put a piece of wood down under the crowbar to protect the deck at the pivot point.
Pry the board up off the joists.

Step 2: Mark the joist locations on the removed board


With the board lifted clear of the deck, locate the nearest joist. Use a square and a pencil to mark the center of joist on the board. Draw a line on the decking plank marking exactly halfway across the thickness of the supporting joist below. Repeat this step on the other end of the damaged plank, marking a line on the plank halfway across the thickness of the joist that supports that end of the plank.
Mark a line halfway across the thickness of the joist below.

Step 3: Cut the damaged board


Lift each end of the damaged board up and support it with a piece of scrap wood. Using a circular saw, cut the decking plank along each marked line. Do this on both ends. Remove the damaged section of deck board.
Cut the decking plank along each line.

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